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❁ Do Not Doubt
Monday, March 10 | 15:36

Its been a long time since I've posted anything. January, February and now its early to mid March. So, hello. Well, I've been quite busy for this second semester. Holding a position as a secretary in Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej Cemara Akasia is not as easy as it seems. Its tougher than talking shit behind someone's back. And as a study-abroad-programme student, I don't have much auxiliary time to do things I enjoy doing. Which I believe all students in this world are not spared from experiencing such situation in their hectic life. So here is when your brain need to work smart in managing your precious time. 

As you can see, its a fluctuate line graph. Representing the cycle of my life. Of yours.
And it takes only great people to go through it either successfully or unsuccessfully."God only puts people through tough situations because He knows they're strong enough to handle it." Are you strong enough to face the obstacles? Are you strong enough to hold the gigantic stone on your shoulders? Are you? Do not doubt yourself. Yes, you are.

From a distance, I pray for those Malaysia Airlines victims to persevere through this tragic incident and all is safe, InsyaAllah.