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❁ Cerita Couple
Thursday, December 8 | 14:50

 " You , sayang I kenapa ? "

Well peeps , this story akan buat korang faham perfectly why boyfriend or girlfriend korang akan jawab entah or no reason bila korang tanya soalan macam dekat atas ni .

Actors : Girlfriend and boyfriend
Locations : Somewhere around the world

Girlfriend : You .
Boyfriend : Yes honey .
Girlfriend : Do you love me ?
Boyfriend : What kind of question is this ? Of course I do .
Girlfriend : But why ?
Boyfriend : *silent
Girlfriend : You said that you love me , but why ? I want to know the reason .
Boyfriend : There is no reason why I said I love you . When I mention it to you , I mean it sweetheart .
Girlfriend : But there must be a reason . Why ? Why ? Why ?
Boyfriend : Hmm . Okey , because you're pretty , intelligent , capable , your lips are pink , your smile are beautiful . You're perfect .
Girlfriend : Nobody is perfect .
Boyfriend : *silent

One day , the girlfriend had an accident . Her face turn to pale . Her lips no more pink in colour . She can't walk . She loose her mind , her job . All that are in her mind are her family and her boyfriend . After two days been in the hospital , the boyfriend came to visit her .

Boyfriend : How do you do sweetheart ?
Girlfriend : Fine , as you can see .
Boyfriend : I bought you some flowers .
Girlfriend : Thanks . Just put it over there .
Boyfriend : Okey .

Suddenly , the girlfriend started to cry .

Boyfriend : Honey , are you crying ? Oh my God ,  did I do any mistake ? did I heart you baby ?
Girlfriend : *looking at the boyfriend
Boyfriend : Why honey ? Tell me . You don't like I'm here ?
Girlfriend : *shaking her head
Boyfriend : Then tell me why
Girlfriend : You said you love me because I'm pretty , capable , my lips is pink in colour . But now , I'm not pretty anymore , my face is very pale like I'm dying , I lose my memory . I don't remember anything except you and my family . I can't do anything . I'm not perfect anymore .

The girlfriend started to cry heavily . But then , the boyfriend approached his girlfriend and told her this .

Boyfriend : Honey . Look at me . This is why I told you that there is no reason why I love you . I love you because I want to . I love you not because of who you are , but because of who I am when I am with you . I love you because  not of some reasons . I love you even though you're not perfect . Remember what had you said ? Nobody is perfect . Well baby , you're right . There is no one who's perfect. But I choose you to be my love among all human beings that are not perfect in this world . I choose you sweetheart . Only you .

The girlfriend was stunned with what had her boyfriend said just now. The boyfriend then, hugged his girlfriend and said the words ILOVEYOU non-stop .

The End .

So peeps , what do you think ? Do you have to ask such this question to your boyfriend or girlfriend AGAIN after this ?

directed by
fasha roslan