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❁ Life is unfair
Thursday, December 11 | 14:05


The latest article in my blog was almost 9 months ago, and I'm sorry for the gap, I was busy with my A Levels. Anyway, as usual, lots to blog about, lots to catch up on but just not enough time. Recently, I had an amazing-but-you-might-think-its-a-boring conversation with few of my juniors about A Levels, IB and ADP (ADFP). You know I found that it was very unfair for someone to claim that his(er) educational programme is better than others cause each has their own pros and cons. You can not simply state A Levels is less demanding than IB or ADP is the toughest one as the students have quizzes and assignments every week without taking into account someone's abilities or their real life situations. You know, its just so unfair. 

"Alevels susah weh. Exam aku teruk,"
"At least, Alevels senang dari ADP. Untunglah kau."
"Menyesalnya amik IB. Susah gila weh."
"Siapa suruh amik IB. Drop lah."

Ya Allah, seriously? Sampai mcm tu sekali? If you ask me, I did not regret with any of my choices. I choose to study Alevels. Whenever I get bad results, I never feel bad for myself. But somehow I feel like I've done something bad to my parents. So what do you think I need to do? Do nothing and be upset for the rest of my life or try harder and do practices as many as possible? You can spend all of your energy and time stuck in that recurring thought (about how unfair life is), or you can accept that general truism that no way can the universe keep a universal, balanced tally for everybody at all times and ask yourself, “So what do I do now?”

You see how it goes. On and on, we don’t run out of examples of where we believe we’ve been untreated unfairly in life. Life is a never-ending game of learning. When something bad happens to you (or when something good doesn’t happen to you), it may not just be something bad happening to you. It might be a chance to learn something new — about yourself, about the way the world works, about someone else’s feelings toward you. In this case, no matter what programme you're in, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what people say or what they say, you're in control. Live your life, dude. Life has never been perfect. It probably never will. You are the results of your experiences. Why regret who you have become?

   stay strong ❤,

note : Life is indeed unfair. Once you accept that basic and unfortunate aspect of living, you can move on to the next step and energize yourself to move forward.