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❁ Rainbow After a Rain
Sunday, October 28 | 04:30

Things happen for reasons. I strongly believe that God has His own plans perfectly for everything that happen. No matter how hard we tried to understand, no matter how hard we fiercely pushed ourselves to that certain incredible point where everything becomes crystal clear, we will never know why it all happens. But one thing for sure, there's a story behind every history made.

Happiness comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes together with a nicely wrapped collosal box with colourful ribbons on top. Sometimes it comes amidst fears, tears, broken hearts and hardships. And every now and then happiness comes in the ugliest way a person could never ever expected. Little did we know happiness could come in thousands and millions ways, "God never promise us a good live on earth but He gave assurance that there will always be a rainbow after a rain"

I have been such a mess these few weeks. My feelings and emotions were (not surprisingly) mixed up. Like everything is not right these few weeks. I have this enormous fear about not scoring my spm. I am so damn close on giving up in my studies because of the shame I'll get if I didn't score well in it. But it's funny how when you're about to give up on something, just on that moment, you realized of how bad you want it in the first place.

Allah is Almighty anyway. He has his plans for me. And for you. Mom always said this to her children "winning starts with beginning". I never forget all those awesome advices. I don't want to disappoint her. I don't want to disappoint Abah's hope.  He's the one who sent me there. It is clearly shown on his face. Even though he never said that he want 'a present' from me but deeply in his hearts, I know he is hoping for me to give him one. An excellent achievement in the big S. The SPM. That would be the biggest present for him. I owe them too much.

You won't see me till November 29th. Please, pray for my success. "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Semoga Nurul Fashareena Binti Roslan dan rakan-rakannya berjaya mendapat keputusan cemerlang, straight A+ dalam SPM 2012. Amin."
Thank you, friend.