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❁ Sujud Syukur
Saturday, April 13 | 15:58

Assalamualaikum .

Before I start this contengmonteng I want you to know that I'm not bragging cause I just wanna share my feelings . Alhamdulillah . I've got straight A's for my SPM . I know my results didn't disappoint my parents . Their last child passed the exam with flying colors . And my siblings , relatives , teachers , friends , they keep on saying "congrats Fasha !" "Tahniah Fasha !" "Wahh bagusnya result !" "Good job !" "Bangga aku ada kawan macam kau !" and so on , honestly I'm so touched with those congratulations messages . Terima kasih semua .

And I could still remember as Cikgu Anuar said during Gemilang's programme that relatives would compare the results among the cousins and that is what happening now . I know my parents didn't feel shame on me instead they feel proud and satisfied with my great performances . I'm speechless . I've never thought I could get straight A's and here now I'm bringing 9 A's from Kedah to Kuala Lumpur . Horrayy ! Alhamdulillah ya Allah . 

As I'm heading back to Kuala Lumpur , we (my father and I) dropped by the mosque and we did sujud syukur
Syukran ya Allah , syukran .