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❁ Life
Monday, December 26 | 22:21

Assalamualaikum. How are you? Sihat? Alhamdulillah. Mine? Totally miserable. Everything is spinning out of control . These few days I don't know why how when or who but somehow I have this bad feeling about everything. But this is what we called life right?
Forget about it. So here are some pictures of my family and I spent our time together, having some fun before moving into 2012 . 


; abah - muka kenyang tu bukan muka serius :)

I like this picture. Really.
; angah and his fiancee

last but not least ,, alif roslan


; mak and abah 
fighting ! 

we're the last customer
boleh buat kecoh sukasuka hati. k tak pun. kami sopan.

location ; in the lift

; me and abah

So, that's it . See you next year :)