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❁ 2012
Friday, December 30 | 21:14

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

So. Drama Tentang Dhia pun dah habis . MasterChef je tak habis-habis lagi . Currently waiting for the ending . Who's gonna win ? Excited much. And tahun pun dah berubah. Tempat pun berubah. Masa pun berubah . Everything dah berubah . So I think it would be nice if I do the same thing too . Exactly, it's on my wishlist. I'll try to be even better than now. Oh. And I'm sorry for what had I did . All my mistakes . Whether it was on purpose or not . I am really really really sorry. Yes aku memang nakal, garang, etc. Macam title lagu Miss A . Bad girl Good girl . That's me, I guess. Lets forgive and forget. How about it ? Superb

Well readers, I think that's it . Thank you for visiting my blog . Reading my craps stories . Thank you, thank you and thank you . Oh btw, please please please . Do pray for my success for THE SPM . Ya Allah. Every single time I talk about it, my hands gonna vibrate as if I have a Parkinson disease. Anyway, please note that ,, Ilefffchuugaiss very very very much. I wouldn't be here without all of you. Until now . Kbaiii peeps .

fasha roslan